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Mike Freeman
Hear why Mike loves driving with Super K Express and how the company makes it easy to do his job well.
I’m with Bonnell Aluminum. We have governmental guidelines that we have to remove environmental stuff daily. So, we have to rely on Super K to be able to make sure that they meet those guidelines so we don’t get fined, so we don’t have any issues with the government, and we can trust SuperK to make sure that it’s done everyday.
Tim has been a driver for more than 20 years, and he's never had the support that he's had at Super K Express.
Antoine Moore
Listen to Antione discuss how Super K Express is the "industry leader in safety, reliability and dependability." We couldn't agree more, Antoine!
They understand it, know who you are. You're not just a number. I mean, they know your name, they know your voice when you call and they work with you. They work with you with everything they can. You need a day off to be, you know, for a doctor's appointment for your kids. No problem.
The first thing for me is respect. If you are respected, it makes it easier to come to work. Everybody here is called by their first name. They know who you are. I know who they are. I guess the second most important thing is salary. You know, I make a good living here.
You know, they're just great folks to work for. Well, the pays got a lot better and we got insurance and, you know, benefits and you get paid for everything. You do. You know, my mother got sick January 4th. I've been off since January 4th, dealing with her. She passed a couple of weeks ago. I don't know of another company you could work for that would do that for you. And that's not the first time they've done that for me.


Super K Express is offering exciting opportunities for a dedicated route in Kansas City, Missouri!!

Super K Express is a family owned and operated trucking company with more than 21 years of experience in the industry. We have a long history of delivering high-quality service to our clients and treating our drivers like family. Because of our commitment to providing excellent service, we hire only the best to work our local trucking jobs. At Super K Express, we understand that truck driving jobs can keep you away from the home, so we make it our priority to support you with a fair wage and ensure that you have ample time with loved ones.

Our fully maintained fleet is equipped with tractors that have advanced technology and top-of-the-line comfort so the time you spend on the road is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

If you’re ready to work for one of the best over the road trucking companies in Kansas City, MO, submit your application today. We’re always looking for qualified and ambitious drivers for truck driving jobs including regional trucking jobs, dry van trucking, and full load trucking. If you like to work for trucking companies with dedicated routes, we’ve got what you’re looking for with dedicated drivers committed to cross docking warehouse services.

Are you qualified?

  • At least 25 years old
  • Holds a Class A CDL
  • Can pass a drug test as well as a DOT physical
  • Has at least three years of experience over the last five years
  • Has fewer than three moving violations in the last five years

If so, then submit your application to Super K Express today! We offer top pay and excellent benefits as well:

  • Weekly time at home with your family
  • Endorsement bonuses for hazmat and tanker
  • Paid holidays
  • An average of 2,900 weekly miles for regional drivers
  • Direct deposit paychecks weekly
  • 60/40 health insurance coverage
  • Short term disability, vision, life, and dental insurance
  • Mileage-based vacations every year
  • Pay for detentions and layovers
  • Modern, well-equipped tractors
  • Sirius XM satellite radio, EZ-Pass, and Pre-Pass come pre-installed in all trucks
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Local Trucking Service

Local Trucking Service

When you’re looking for trucking jobs near Kansas City, MO, you know it pays to spend time making sure you find the right one for you.
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Regional Trucking

Regional Trucking

When you’re looking for trucking jobs near Kansas City, MO, you know it pays to spend time making sure you find the right one for you.
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Over-The-Road Trucking

Over-The-Road Trucking

When you’re looking for trucking jobs near Kansas City, MO, you know it pays to spend time making sure you find the right one for you.
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Dedicated Route Services

Dedicated Route Services

When you’re looking for trucking jobs near Kansas City, MO, you know it pays to spend time making sure you find the right one for you.
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Full Load Trucking

Full Load Trucking

If you’ve been trucking for a long time, you understand the many benefits that come along with full load trucking.
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Dry Van Freight Hauling

Dry Van Freight Hauling

Dry van freight hauling is the most common and affordable method for transporting a variety of goods.
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Cross Docking Warehouse

Cross Docking Warehouse

Regardless of your company’s industry, finding ways to reduce costs without diminishing quality is important.
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Best Trucking Company In Kansas City, MO

At Super K Express, our two main goals are to provide exceptional customer services that exceeds expectations and also serve as a great place for our employees to work and call home. As a family-owned and operated trucking company, we ensure our customers are served with prompt, on-time, delivery service, regardless of the shipping distance involved.

Superior Experience for Your Transportation Needs
With more than 75 years of experience in the transportation and shipping industry, we are well-equipped to successfully meet all of your transportation needs. We serve the dry goods delivery needs of businesses in various markets, including food, auto parts, and extrusion metal, and more!

As a leader among trucking companies serving the Kansas City, MO area, Super K Express LLP continues to increase its capabilities to serve customers while maintaining our dedication to providing the best work environment possible for our drivers and employees.

Careers for New and Seasoned Drivers
If you are looking for the best trucking companies for new drivers and seasoned drivers, look no further than Super K Express. We are currently offering exceptional truck driving opportunities for prospective drivers in the Kansas City, MO area.

As a highly reliable trucking company in the shipping industry, and with a long history of providing high quality transport services to our customers, we hire only the best talent to handle our local trucking jobs. We also treat all of our drivers like family.

We understand the sacrifice the truck drivers often make spending long hours away from home. At Super K Express, we make it a priority to provide our drivers with the fair wage they deserve and also the time off they need to be with their loved ones.

Contact an Experienced Trucking Company Near Me
For more information about our trucking services and truck driving opportunities, call us today at 678.831.0678 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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Are your OTR drivers home every weekend?

We work hard to get all of our drivers home to their families each weekend. We have a track record of working with our drivers to accommodate their requests.

How much experience do I need to drive for Super K Express?

Our drivers are required to have at least 3 years of driving experience. Here are our other qualifications:

  • 25 years of age
  • Class A CDL
  • Pass a DOT Physical and Drug Test
  • 3 years verifiable experience in the last 7 years
  • No more than 2 moving violations in the past 5 years

Do I have to share a truck with other drivers?

No! At Super K Express, each driver is assigned his or her own truck.

Am I responsible for any maintenance on the truck?

We have our own Super K Express mechanics who maintain the highest standards for our equipment. Additionally, we wash and clean our trucks (and trailers) weekly!